It’s Fatherversary Weekend!

Once every 5 – 6 years it so happens that our anniversary falls on Fathers’ Day weekend.

(By the way, does anyone know if and where there should be an apostrophe in the parental holidays?  Fathers Day?  Father’s Day?  Fathers’ Day?  I mean, they all make sense.)

Which means that this should be a huge weekend of celebrating the man that is both my husband and father of my children!  There should be a street dance and fireworks that spell out JOSH, because my hubby is AMAZING!

Unfortunately, my budget does not equal the amazingness, so instead I will just have to say….

Photo Credit:  Jennifer Gann

Happy Anniversary, Babe!  These 11 years have been an amazing ride, and I’m looking forward to many more!!


Happy Father’s Day!!!  (Fathers Day?  Fathers’ Day?)  Our kids are so blessed to have you as a Daddy, even if the tween doesn’t always think so!

We love you!!!


PS – Also a huge Happy Fatherversary Weekend to my parents, as well!!  Love you and so thankful for the legacy of love you have given me and are giving your grandchildren!