Project 365: Days 273 – 277

Some of the best photo shoots are the spontaneous ones! Today, all the stars were aligned correctly; Ava was in a favorable mood, on her own she picked out the most adorable outfit that I would have never thought to put together, and the weather was INCREDIBLE! So when I laid Izzy down for a nap, we stepped right outside and used the woods behind our apartment as a backdrop, and snapped some shots!

The cowboy boot and legging combination turned out amazing!

She posed herself, too!

I made her take one with this pose with a normal smile, but let’s face it, this one is much more accurate.

Love it!!!

I don’t know if the beach 4 year pictures will make the cut now, I’m much more pleased with these! And I can’t think of a better way to take advantage of a Florida fall day!

So, what else is going on in our lives? Here’s a few bullets for ya:

~ I’m close to finishing editing the biggest wedding of the year! I have to have the pictures mailed to the bride by next Monday, but I want to have everything done before this weekend because it’s going to be BUSY.

~ I shot a wedding Saturday, and it went really well! It was an outside wedding and the day was very similar to today – gorgeous and not too hot!

~ My last wedding of the year is this Sunday!!! As much as I enjoy it, it feels really good that the end is in sight!

~ After having chronic headaches after editing photos, I went to the eye doctor, got checked out, and purchased some cute reading glasses. I’m hoping this eliminates the issues!

OK, back to editing!


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